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25th Dec 2017


These are advice and information's about careers that helps individuals, especially  young people, decide on a career choice. Career guidance will also teach the best strategy in pursuing the chosen career option.


Career guidance

For example, career guidance might help to increase access to learning and educational completion rates by:

1.  Assessing people’s learning needs, so that they enroll in programs that are appropriate to these needs, such as apprenticeship, seminars and Workshops.
2. Telling potential learners about learning programs that are available, and putting them in contact with learning providers.
3.  Supporting learners when they are having problems: for example, helping those who are thinking of dropping out to find alternative and more satisfying programs of study, or to resolve the personal problems that are getting in the way of productive learning.
3. Encouraging learning providers to change the way they work in order to meet the needs of new learners: for example, by changing their opening hours, modifying their teaching methods, or developing new courses.



Career guidance in many ways than one helps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the labor market. When an organization is staffed with a dedicated, ambitious and young workforce whose sole aim is to reach the professional pinnacle of their given career field - the result is accelerated and positive growth for both the organisation and the individual.

It is therefore critical for young people to seek the advice and experienced counseling of a career Counselor. A good career guide and counseling should help the Individual in the following ways:

  • Help you understand your interests, abilities and qualifications, so that you pursue a career and seek for jobs that you most likely have a chance of obtaining, will enjoy and will do well: and to avoid looking for ones that you might not be able to get, would not enjoy or would not be good at.
  • Helps you to find out about what is involved in occupations associated with any given career, so that you are more likely to know which ones you might like and be good at.
  • Helps you to find out about particular jobs that are available and how you can apply for them.
  • Teaches you how to assess the short- and long-term consequences of particular types of career and occupational choices. 
  • Makes you informed about the labor market, and educational systems involved with any given career choice.
  • Teach you how to search, understand and evaluate information about careers and their given occupations.

Looking at a the bigger picture it is clear that Career guidance also has the capacity to contribute to the development of employability: through assisting the unemployed to assess their training needs; and through helping people to develop the skills needed to manage their careers. It gives you the opportunity to properly evaluate and learn about: 

- Self-awareness, learning about self, and inherent skill factors which may facilitate progress in a particular career field.

- Decision-making skills: learning rational decision-making skills and strategies, certainty of decision etc.

- Transition skills: learning skills for implementing decisions (including job-search skills and interview skills).

Opportunity-awareness: learning about opportunities and options particular to your chosen career field.



Career Management - describes the active and purposeful management of a career by an individual.

"Man, Know Thyself"


career development


In order to begin or make more efficient your journey in your chosen career, it will be very important to go through some level of self assessment, you should ask yourself  these questions..

- What are my natural skills?

- What working style is comfortable and favorable with me?

- How proficient am I with networking  or what levels of social interaction and communication's skills do I posses?

- What is the required work-Life balance associated with  this career? Some career choices, especially those within the entertainment sector: have a  not-too distinctive variation between work and life.

- What is the personality or charisma needed to become successful in this career? - Personality does affect a person's career profession. An Entrepreneur may need to be outspoken and assertive, a Flight attendant may need to be charming and persevering, while a Surgeon or Pilot will need to be calm and fastidious.

- How much money or revenue can this profession guarantee? While it is true one may become wealthy in a any given career field, some career professions offer better pay than others. A persons professional level in many instances, also determines how well his annual income is defined.



career planningTo become a professional in any given career, one needs to map-out a workable plan, and this is called Career Planning. 

Career planning is an ongoing process that starts in your youth and continues throughout adulthood.

When you think about making changes in your working life, try to make decisions based on your personality, passions, aptitudes, skills and commitments.

Also consider what training and education you want and what opportunities are available to you.

By finding the best fit between your interests, skills, values and available jobs, you’ll have more control over your life and find greater satisfaction in your work.

Put a lot of effort into your career today to make the most of your work. Always continue creating new opportunities for yourself, and never forget to have a plan B- Backup plan.



building career experienceCareer is mostly only associated with education and schooling.

Many people especially in a country such as Nigeria tend to believe that -with formal education, an individual should be equipped to face the harsh world of the real-life working environment.

Well, this is a far cry from the truth, there abounds numerous graduates that have no conception of what a real world application of their career will entail.

You can easily find Computer science students who cannot operate a Computer system, or an Electrical Engineering graduate who have no idea how wiring a building should be carried out.

This is such a huge problem for the industrial sector, because time and expense will then be budgeted for retraining these acclaimed career professionals who may have spent the greater part of their lives within the four walls of an academic institution, and yet no credible experience or skill attained in their chosen career field.   

Building a succesful career is a life long journey. You have a better chance on reaching the top when you start early and with the right footing.

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