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25th Dec 2017


Students do not really have time because of activities like; preparing for exams, project presentations, class work, assignments, religious fellowships, and lest we forget all the fun stuffs like hanging out with cream girls and fresh guys, the parties, etc.

The school system of today is designed in such a way that, the student loses all track of time, trends, and events as they relate to developing his or her business skills.

Coupled with the ever demanding attention of social media- a lot of students, spend the greater fortune of their time immersed in often non constructive discourses.

The fact remains that university/college days come and go - But the feeling of euphoria and carefree lifestyle soon comes to an end.

And the stark, gloomy claws of responsibility soon grips the student after his or her time in the higher institution. The erstwhile student soon begins to ruminate on life, pondering through questions like;

  • What does the future hold for me?

  • Will my parents and guardians continue to finance me ?

  • What can I offer in the job market, if I am to look for a job today?

  • What essential skills do I have that can give me an edge over my competitors?

  • Should I venture into business, do I have the skill for it?

  • What business can I start and how can I finance it?

    Many young people usually fall into a fit of depression whenever they think of their future- especially since the country doesn't seem to hold much of a promise for them. 

    We encourage you to seek for the best positive answers to the questions running through your mind.


Early starting If as a fresher, a graduate, or soon to become graduate, you have been able to put together a source of income for yourself in the form of a business, or you know just exactly what to do and you have the resources for doing it.... Then you are a very lucky person!

It is really hard and almost impossible to engage in business activities while still embroiled in academic work, especially with Nigerian academic communities.

A wise man once said "Man know thyself" ......the greatest strength of a person comes from a total realization of his or herself.

Who am I? Should be the most important question you ask yourself every day.

Knowing who you are is the best starting point for helping your current situation. Wherever you are now, no matter the level or how abysmal your hope of succeeding  in business is, realize you can start from where you are.

What many people fail to realize is that -the hardest part of becoming an Entrepreneur  is the part where you conscientiously decide to become one. Below are some important steps you must consider:


Rome was not built in a day- and this forms the basis of the problem many students face, they often try to get to their destination without traveling.

They want the latest gadgets, they want the best fashions, they want to live the lifestyle of people they see on TV. But then, they do not realize that the income to support such a lifestyle can rarely be supported from the students monthly stipends, which comes mostly from parents and guardians hard-earned sweat.

In a bid to meet up with very 'often-than-not' unnecessary trends and luxuries (cars, gadgets, Brazilian hair etc), young people soon find themselves in financial quagmires.

As they say "You cannot own your cake, and eat it" . If only people could learn to cut their coat according to their size, they would to a great degree be able to reduce the pressure they put on their means.

A little frugality will do you a whole lot of good, learn  to deprive yourself of things you only need just for show off.

In fact, we must make this point more clear, do not try to get the latest Iphone just because it is the latest trending phone in the market, and do not bother about owning  a car, when there is no source of income for its maintenance.

Of what good is Brazilian hair when it is carried by an empty skull? Few students truly understand the importance of priority.

Learn to identify and put less value on things that will add no real value to you as a person or to your career development.

Instead see if there are things you can use your finance for: things that will add value, such as starting a little business outfit no matter how small it may be.


If all through your years in school, you still haven't been able to identify your career and natural skills: then my friend, you are in a race against time.

Begin this very moment to find your natural skills. Ask yourself, if you are good with problem solving?

Are you good with project management and execution?

Are you better at leading and inspiring others to achieve goals?

If you are able to categorically place your skills, then you would better be able to achieve progress in your chosen career path.

** (Read through our career post to identify how to identify, develop and manage your career).

Engage in activities that will bring out your natural inclinations, you can decide to volunteer in a community project, or lead out in a program.

At every point in time understand what task you enjoy doing most, know what your strong and weak points are. The secret is to strengthen further your areas of strength and improve the areas where you may be weak.


stay focussed businessCarrying out business activity while in school is hard.

Life after school is not as jolly as you might have envisaged either, don't let anyone deceive you that after school everything will just work out well.

In fact, most adult would love the chance to go back to their carefree college days, where nothing really mattered but to get good grades.

And if you happen to be from a home which is not well to do, life after school will only become more drudgery-ier, you will tether on  a very thin line between sanity and insanity.  

Don't lose sight of your goals, you should be thinking of how to develop yourself and your skills, there can be no time for self pity and depression.

Go for a training or certification course to improve your credibility for your given career, you can do small time jobs to get some sustenance for the time being.

But what is most important, is your decision to keep going even when the going is tough.

Remember nothing good comes easy, and Tough times never last, but tough people do. By all means keep moving!

If you can fly, fly like an eagle ,.. if you can run, then run like Olsen Bolt,... if na just waka...please waka like person wen dey find job, if you can only crawl..don't waste time, crawl with all of your powers.....but by any means possible ensure you keep moving!

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