Kelly Idehen

24th Dec 2017


Change in itself is an active word.

It’s something we live with and experience in our everyday life. Even as you read through the text of this webpage- millions of your brain cells have to undergo changes in chemical reactions in other for you to comprehend and put together meanings and sense to groups of alphabets into  words and words into sentences.

In fact your eyeball needs to change directions within its socket to see all of the strings of text and sentences, if you are on a mobile phone you will need to scroll down this webpage to see the entire content within  it.

From the fetus in the womb, to complex algorithms and systems- such as our solar system; Change always occurs with respect to time.
A lot of people hate mathematics, but it has gone to show that change and time are two intricately woven concepts.
Any given established system requires change for it to work. The very universe itself is an arrangement of constantly changing systems. Even the very composition of microscopic cells undergoes a continuous process change.
Without change, life even in its simplest form is impossible. This calls us to the issue of how much importance should one give to the idea of Change.

Everyman, as long as he lives here on  earth is entitled to two universal constants- TIME and CHOICE. The concept of making  a choice or decision with  respect to time is the very essence for our existence; It is what brings about CHANGE.

It is those who understand that the power of CHANGE lies in the decision they make, that have become the great men  of the world.

The greatest people in the world today are known for the level or extent of change they wrought. They refused to accept what was regarded as normal, they questioned, they searched, and their legacies have undoubtedly reshaped the world we now live in.


A person can bring about change either for positivity or for negativity. Adolf Hitler was a great Changemaker, but his decisions and choices led to the death and misery of millions of people.

But you don’t have to become; Alexander the Great, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Ghandi, Florence Nightingale, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc, to become part of a dynamic universe of great changemakers.

As simple as making a decision to become a better person or doing a little deed of kindness is enough to plant a seed of change that would grow and expand to become tomorrow’s Amazon (either the brazil forest or the Jeff Bezos own will do).

It all starts from a desire to wrought change, a burning desire to be different, a continuous search for answers, a choice to become an avenue for promoting positive changemaking process.

It all boils down to you and the desire to be limitless, the desire to maximize your unfathomable potentials of making the world a better place.


Tips to become a ChangeMaker devlopment NigeriaReal Change is be all about the creating of a better version of you.

The desire to improve yourself or create a new world for yourself; it may involve you quitting smoking, learning new habits such as being punctual, keeping fit, becoming more connected with the Creator of the universe, learning and developing your business and life skills etc.

The list for what we can become is infinite, but it must first begin with the decision we make today.

All we require for achieving our desired change is a willingness to sacrifice.

The true Changemaker so much believes in his purpose, he is so passionate about his dreams and is ready to  sacrifice in; finance, time, efforts, relationship or whatever would be necessary in the pursuit of his desire and dreams of what he wants to change.

The greatest example of this is given by the Creator Jesus Christ, who believed even unto the point of death, so that- hate might be changed to love, darkness to light and death changed to life.


Everyone who has truly brought about change of any kind have gone through the same process, the process of working against constants and conventions. Here is a list of our 14 guide to positive changemaking;

  1. Realize that all change starts with a decision, a decision to go against the norm, convention and traditions- Dare to be different.

  2. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable.

  3. Change requires you to go out of your comfort zone.

  4. Create a vision, have a goal, see and foresee the future.

  5. Don’t ever let up, when faced with obstacles...... forge on.

  6. Always keep track of where you are and where you are going.

  7. Never waste time on activities that negates your effort....never!

  8. Be flexible, keep an open mind......change in itself is a variable.

  9. Have plans; plan A, plan B, and plan C....... always have a back-up plan.

  10. Be prepared for failure.....know every point of failure is a platform for your next thrust.

  11.  Commit yourself, your mind, your heart and all your being in becoming what you want to be- It is passion that fuels the soul.

  12.  Learn from the masters......many have trod the way before you.... learn from them.

  13.  Faith, believe, hope and trust are the platforms on which change must be carried.

  14.  Always make sure that Change in whatever form you mean it- conforms to the guideline of the universal law; 'Love to God the creator and love to all Mankind'.

The biggest obstacle is and would continually be procrastination, why wait, why push your success forward, why start enjoying your life tomorrow when you can start enjoying it today.

Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, however shaky, take that step today.  Just make a decision consciously to become an Achiever and a #Changemaker, and you can change the World.

This post is dedicated to my uncle, who showed and gave the opportunity of soaring as an eagle - Chief Patrick Okebie


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