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25th Dec 2017


Having a cell phone nowadays is a must to stay connected.

The mobile phone acts as Camera (Selfie taker), it acts as the Boredom pill (Games and Social Media chats), it acts as a Map or direction tool, it acts as a media tool (recording and playing media).

In-fact, with hundreds of apps available; what your mobile phone can do is almost limitless.

  The need for a mobile phone cannot be overemphasized. What this post intends to do is provide you with useful tips and tricks on how best to choose a mobile phone.

The Mobile phone market is overly packed with numerous brands and options. To make the right choice will require premeditation.   

Those who have visited a mobile sales shop before will understand that; it is a very hard choice to pick one out of the lot of sleek, multi-functional and aesthetically designed mobile gadgets.

Choosing a mobile device generally isn't only just a matter of deciding whether you want an Android, Windows or an iPhone.

Maybe what you really need is a large tablet, or a portable Phablet, or a netbook or a phone/tablet hybrid.

Your choice will depend largely on what you need to do with the mobile device and where you'll be using it.

Answering these simple questions can help you decide which kind of device will meet your mobile work needs.

Below are some important points to address before making a final choice on the particular model or specification to go for.


Do you regularly carry a briefcase, purse or computer bag? If not -- and if you'd rather not start -- then a smaller smartphone that slips into your pocket is probably best.

Many smartphone making companies will design their device to fit different sizes, though this usually comes with some little alterations in design build or features; it will almost render the same nature of service.

Hold various models in your hand to see which ones feel most comfortable.

Ladies are usually not so limited by this factor, since they go around with either a purse or a handbag. If you need a durable business line, which should always be reachable, then the best choice should be a very portable device.

Many phone manufacturers are now making their mobile devices to the taste and preference of consumers; hence the advent of Phablet devices. Such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Iphone6 smartphone.


When writing anything longer than quick search requests, texts or tweets; Using a smartphone for typing can be slow and prone to errors.

This has created the need for keyboards connected by cords or bluetooth. Options include purchasing a Notebook computer or Laptop with a built-in keyboard, or a keyboard that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB.

Before buying a keyboard, make sure it's compatible with your specific mobile device. Also consider how you'd carry the keyboard around. Many models, from manufacturers can be folded and are very portable.

If you prefer writing notes by hand or need to sketch designs, most tablets are large enough for you to write with your fingertip.

Some devices, such as the smartphone/tablet hybrid Samsung Galaxy Note, offer the option of using a stylus.

Whichever the case, ensure you verify the pattern most comfortable with you, then choose a mobile device that guarantees you that option.



Poor battery life is the downfall of most mobile devices, especially ones with large, bright touch-screen displays.

If you're often unable to charge up at an electrical outlet, consider spare battery options before you buy.

For instance, you can't swap out the battery on an iPhone, iPad or Macbook Air, but you can on most Android and Windows Phone devices, and on most laptops and non-Apple netbooks.

It's common for mobile devices to come with a low-capacity battery. Search online for your smartphone's make and model, plus the word "battery" to find the largest capacity battery your phone can take.

Sometimes "extended" batteries are larger in size, so you might need to purchase a special back cover to accommodate one in your phone.

This criteria is very critical if you intend to use the mobile phone for business purposes. When family, friends, customers and clients try to contact you, a dead battery is a very poor excuse to give for not being reachable.



Many mobile devices have screens that are hard to see in full daylight, even when cranked up to full brightness, which drains the battery much faster.

The Retina displays on new Apple devices perform well in full daylight, and there's speculation that Samsung and other manufacturers of Android devices may soon be launching devices with comparable displays.

Depending on the environment where you will be using your mobile device most often, you will need to take the brightness of the screen  into account.

A person who spends a considerable part of his or her day outdoors (Sportsperson, Rig workers, sales man etc) should ensure his mobile device can seamlessly cope with varying degrees of luminosity.



A business man will want phones with features that will bolster his business endeavors, these may or may not include good or high quality camera's.

In the case of a student who loves to spend his time on social media such as Instagram; you will need a mobile device for creating high quality media contents such as Selfies and Vine clips.

Pay special attention to the built-in camera and microphone. Don't just go for the highest-megapixel camera.

Look for reviews of camera optics and image processing features. Also consider how you'll want to physically handle the device when shooting or recording.

For instance, most tablets include a camera and will shoot video or photos. This is fine if you're propping the tablet up for stationary shots or video chats.

But to capture live action or pan around, smartphones are generally easier to maneuver than tablets.



Efficient phone buyGone are the days when speed of processing was limited to laptop or desktop computers only.

Mobile phones are nowadays categorized according to the proficiency of their computing prowess.

Many mobile phone manufacturers are now taking into cognizance the fact that mobile phones should perform as much as a laptop and desktop computers.

Depending on how you intend to maximize your mobile device, you should consider whether it freezes or gets hot when multitasking.

In the mobile phone market today, there are numerous phones or tablets, but very few can really stand design strength or high processor functions.

The choice for performance depends to a great degree what you wish to do with the mobile phone. Heavy users like, programmers or mobile software developers will require a higher processing device than light users like mothers or teenagers.

**SOME MORE TIPS:  As much as possible avoid buying road-side phones packaged as UK used or Dubai used. Most of these phones are refurbished phones and usually develop numerous problems after you have bought them.

The most annoying aspect of buying such kinds of roadside phones, is that your money may never be refunded if the phone gets bad. Most-times you may never even be able to locate the seller as they change shop or showglass space often.

Another problem with buying fairly used phones from roadside dealers is that, the phone may be stolen. And peradventure it was tracked to you, police will not ask too many questions.

They will put you as the prime suspect for the robbery or kidnapping operation where the phone was taken from.

If you must buy fairly used phone because of lack of funds, try to buy from someone you alrealy know well. Ensure that there is an understanding whereby if the phone displays any problem within a fewdays of your using it, that you have the right to return the phone and get your money back.

Buying a good phone requires a lot of forethought.

Don't just go for a fancy looking device, do your research, ask friends who have used it, check-out its features and specifications, and make your final selection is based on how relevant each of the mobile features will be beneficial to you.   


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